Drainage Louisburg, NC

Water is one of the basic building blocks of life. Your landscape needs it to grow healthy, and ensuring that water stays in the right places will aid you in conserving on the amount of watering that you have to do.

A surplus of water can cause just as many problems as a scarcity. It can create stagnant pools of water that look unattractive, and that breed disease and insects. It can even have serious effects upon the foundation of your property.

Proper yard drainage ensures that your landscape has just enough moisture to keep your yard green while ensuring that you can avoid the unfortunate side-effects of too much water.

Let's examine how Progreen Landscape Solutions can help ensure your yard has the right amount of drainage.


The Benefits of Professional Landscape Drainage

Drainage occurs in nature, but it takes tens to thousands of years for water to erode soil until it can do so in an efficient way. Some drainage never fully materializes, which is what gives rise to lakes and basins above sea level.

Your landscape is one place where you can't wait for this natural process to occur. You need to ensure that your yard drains properly, which in turn will help ensure that your yard stays healthy and free of pests.

Proper landscape drainage brings the following properties:

  • An increase to your property's overall aesthetic value. – There will be no standing puddles, no areas where plants “drown,” and no patches where unsavory bacteria or mold can grow.
  • A healthier landscape. – Improper drainage can allow water to stand, mud patches to materialize, and sink holes to exist. It also helps bacteria, insects and mold to grow at rampant rates.
  • More water for your landscape. – Landscape drainage helps to ensure that water is carried away from certain areas, and delivered to others. This can maximize the amount of water that your plants receive, which in turn reduces the amount of water you need to use on them.
  • Protection for your building's foundation. – Proper water drainage ensures that water moves away from your building. This can reduce the incidence of basement flooding, protect peer and beam foundations, and minimize the amount of cracking that concrete structures display.
  • Property value increases. – Proper drainage by professionals helps to protect structures while reducing the amount of damage the occurs. The cumulative effect of this is an increase to the overall value of a property due to the reduction in future maintenance needs.

Landscape Drainage by Professionals You Can Trust

Drainage is another part of landscaping that is so complex that it can be considered an art. Techniques like grading your dirt, planting certain types of grass, and adding underground pipe networks can affect drainage.

To learn more about how yard drainage affects your property, or to inquire about any of our other landscaping services, contact us today. You can reach Progreen Landscape Solutions by calling 919-497-6974 or via the Contact us page on our website.