Seeding/Sodding Louisburg,NC

Lush, green grass can be a head turning addition to any landscape and a beautiful way to accentuate your plantings and home.

However, achieving that beautiful green lawn can be challenging. With proper installation and our maintenance plans we can help your lawn reach its full potential!

Progreen Landscape Solutions specializes in seeding and sodding. Our techniques diagnose your current landscape needs, address any issues or concerns and then plant your new turf in a way that maximizes success.

Understanding Our Techniques

Seeding and sodding are involved processes. They require as much hard work as they do expertise, especially when you desire a successful landscape.

The process of seeding involves aerating the soil, adding top soil, addressing drainage concerns, and performing any other actions necessary to ensure that the seed germinates. The type of grass seed chosen during this will determine how green your landscape is, and how much water and care it requires to maintain.

Sodding is similar to seeding, except it utilizes harvested patches of grass with top soil. This has the unique advantage of bypassing many of the potential pitfalls of seeding, but it still requires a significant amount of preparation to ensure success.

The differences in seeding and sodding will make one particular practice both more cost-effective and successful, which is why our expertise as landscape professionals is vital.

Our Secrets to Successful Seeding and Sodding

There are many factors that influence the success of seeding and sodding, which in turn means that the best way to ensure success to to accommodate for these things.

Our preparation is one reason that our landscaping is so successful.

At Progreen Landscaping Solutions, we diagnose the needs of your landscape. We assess potential problem areas like grading, soil composition and drainage. We then prepare your landscape's soil to ensure that the maximum amount of seed or sod succeeds.

The other reason our seeding and sodding tends to succeed revolves around how we work with you when choosing it and planting it. We communicate with you with regards to your options, outline the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of grasses, and then carefully plant the grass.

Combined with practices like overseeding two to six months after seeding or sodding, and we can help make your landscape greener than you ever thought was possible.

Experts in Landscaping

Progreen Landscape Solutions specializes in fulfilling the landscaping needs of our commercial and residential clients. Our commitment to our customers and our extensive knowledge of landscaping helps us to make beautiful landscapes.

Rely on Progreen Landscape Solutions for all your landscaping needs. Call us at 919-497-6974 to learn more about what our services can do for you, or to schedule an appointment. You can also reach us via the Contact Us page on our website.