The 3-Step Process to Making Any Lawn Green and Full

Problems with lawns are more common than you might imagine which is why you shouldn't feel ashamed if there is a patch on yours that seems less green or full than it should be.

You do need to realize that you can repair those problems with your lawn. You just need to understand the process of repairing your lawn so that you can ensure it grows lush and green when the right seasons arrive.


Diagnosing the Problem

The first step to any problem is to understand why it happened. Given that lawns are particularly complicated micro ecosystems, this can be a challenging thing to do.

When most people try to diagnose their own lawn problems, they often think that they merely haven't watered enough or that their grass has some types of infectious disease. While this can be the case, these reasons are not the most common sources of lawn problems.

The most common reasons that grass fails grow include the following:

  • Too much water and/or improper water diversion.
  • Soil compaction, as grass needs looser soil to obtain air and water.
  • The wrong type of grass for a given environment
  • Improper nutrition.
  • Insect infestations stemming from the above problems.

Treating It

After the problem has been diagnosed, the next step is to treat it. These steps are relatively simple, but it's important to realize that they require the right knowledge and tools to effectively repair.

A few common treatments for faltering or lackluster lawns include:
• Aerating the soil to loosen it, and to make it easier for nutrients from fertilizer and mulch to reach the roots of grass.
• Removing dead plants, leaves and other debris.
• Applying fungicides or insecticides.
• Grading the lawn to ensure proper water drainage and retention.
• Fertilizing the lawn with proper fertilizers or mulch.


Adding New Grass

The last step is to add new grass. This can be done through sowing grass seed or by laying sod on the ground.

The best approach to planting this grass will depend upon your budget and your unique needs. The difference between seed and sod comes down to the establishment of the plants, the cost of each and the resistance that each has to certain elements like sudden downpours.

What matters most during this step is how the grass is planted, and what type of grass is used. Proper preparation will help ensure that the most grass grows, and that any problems with your grass are quickly solved.

Make Your Lawn the Best It Can Be

Progreen Landscape Solutions excels are providing our customers with green, water-efficient and lush landscapes. We utilize our extensive landscaping knowledge, time-tested planting techniques, and a customer-oriented approach to ensure that your landscape looks as beautiful as it can be.

The best part is that we don't just start your landscape, – we'll happily maintain it. This includes everything from mowing, fertilizing and aerating your lawn to ensuring that it has proper water drainage.

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