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Common Lawn Care Mistakes People Make During The Summer

Homeowners spend billions of dollars on lawn care every year. However, many people make mistakes that keep their lawn from looking it’s best. Avoiding common mistakes can help you save time and money.

Common Lawn Care Mistakes

Mowing Too Low

Mowing your grass regularly is essential for a healthy-looking lawn. However, you can cut off too much grass. You only need to cut off about 1/3 of the grass. If you cut the grass too low, then it will become stressed. Grass that is stressed will take longer to re-grow. Additionally, cutting the grass too low can create the perfect environment for weed growth.

Not Using The Right Lawn Care Tools

Many people do not have the right tools to properly care for their lawns. You will save money, time and frustration by having the right tools for your lawn. A good gardening hose, lawn mower and string trimmer are some of the basic tools that you will need to keep your lawn healthy. It is also important for you to make sure your equipment receives the regular maintenance.

Not Using Pesticides Properly

Pests can ruin your lawn, which is why pesticides may be necessary. However, pesticides have to be stored and used properly. Pesticides are toxic, so it is important to read the instructional manual before you use them.

Under-watering Or Over-watering

Your grass needs to be watered deeply and often. However, it is possible for you to overdo a good thing. Most lawns only need about one inch of water per week. It is best to water your lawn early in the morning.

A simple way to test whether your lawn needs to be watered is to walk on it. If the grass bounces back a few seconds later, then your lawn properly does not need to be watered. Your lawn needs to be watered if you can still see your footprints a few seconds later.

Because it is easy to make a mistake that can ruin your lawn, you should give Progreen Landscape Solutions a call. Our goal is to keep your lawn healthy and looking great.