Myths About Lawn Care

Myths About Lawn Care

Many people depend on reliable information in order to care for their lawn. However, there are a lot of things that are being said about lawns care that are not true. Following bad advice can ruin your lawn.

Common Myths About Lawn Care

Myth: There Is Only One Type Of Grass

Fact: There are several types of grass. Each type requires its own unique care. A professional can give you tips for properly caring for your lawn.

Myth: I Should Not Fertilize My Lawn Because It Is Bad For The Environment

Fact: Fertilization is essential for a healthy lawn. It feeds your lawn the nutrients needed in order to stay healthy and green. However, you do not want to over fertilize your yard. Excess fertilization can increase the risk of lawn diseases. It can also be bad for the environment.

Myth: I Need To Water My Lawn Every Day

Fact: There are many factors that affect how often you will need to water your lawn. Some of those factors include the time of the year, the type of grass and the type of soil. However, it is important to note that deeply irrigating your lawn infrequently is better than shallowly watering your lawn every day. In fact, most lawns do not require daily watering.

Myth: Using More Than The Recommended Amount Of Product Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Weeds

Fact: You should never use more than the recommended amount of product. If you are not able to get rid of the weeds with one use, then you can reapply at a later time. Using too much herbicide can harm people, animals and plants. Keep in mind that it can take two or three months to get rid of the weeds.

Myth: You Have To Keep Your Grass Cut Short

Fact: Cutting the grass too short will put stress on your grass. It will also cause your lawn to dry out quickly. Tall grass can create a barrier to weeds. Your lawn does not necessarily have to be short. It just has to be kept neat.

Myth: I Have To Remove Every Leaf In The Fall

Fact: Racking is essential because too many leaves can cause your lawn to develop diseases. However, you do not have to remove every leaf. As long as you remove most of the leaves, your lawn will be fine.

Myth: You Should Not Leave The Grass Clippings In The Yard

Fact: Many people believe that it is bad to leave glass clippings in the lawn because it can create thatch. However, you will not have to worry about this. It is estimated that grass clippings are made up of 85 to 90 percent water. That is why they will break down quickly.

Additionally, grass clippings are good for your lawn. They act as a natural fertilizer. Clippings have potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen, which are all great for your lawn. Detaching is only necessary if the grass layer is more than a half an inch thick.

Myth: You Can Aerate Your Lawn With Spiked Shoes

Fact: Spiked shoes will not help you aerate your lawn. They may also cause your soil to become more compacted. While you cannot aerate your lawn with spiked shoes, you can use them to kill grubs.

Myth: Beer Can Be Used As A Fertilizer

Fact: You have probably heard that you can use common household items to fertilize your lawn. However, beer should not be used as a fertilizer. In fact, beer is bad for your lawn because the yeast inside it can encourage fungus growth.

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