Signs your lawn is unhealthy

Signs That Your Lawn Is Unhealthy

Properly caring for your lawn is the key to keeping it healthy. However, even if you take good care of your lawn, it can still develop problems. There are many sign that you may notice if your lawn is unhealthy.

Things to Watch out For:

Lawn Diseases

A lawn disease can quickly turn a lush, green lawn into one that is unhealthy. Keep in mind that a lawn can develop a disease when the weather is cold or warm. If your lawn has a disease, then it may develop spots and patches. The grass blades may be shriveled or shredded.

There are many types of lawn diseases. In order for the disease to successfully be treated, it has to be properly identified. Only a professional can identify a lawn disease.

Dry Lawns

A lawn has to be properly-hydrated in order to stay healthy. Even if it rains frequently, your lawn still may not be getting the water that it needs. There are ways that you can determine whether your lawn is getting enough water. You can take a walk on your lawn and see whether it is dehydrated. If the footprints are not gone within a few minutes, then the lawn is too dry.

You can also perform the screwdriver test. Dry soil is also compacted. If you can easily drive your screwdriver into the ground, then your lawn is probably receiving enough water. However, if you cannot push the screwdriver down, then it is time to water your lawn.

Bluish-green color

Additionally, you can tell whether your lawn needs to be watered by taking note of the color. Grass will often turn a bluish-green color when it is in need of water. If your lawn is dehydrated, then you can water it before serious damage is done to your lawn.

Most lawns need one to one and half inches of water per week. It is best to water your lawn early in the morning. Temperatures are typically cooler in the morning, so the water will be less likely to evaporate. Additionally, the grass probably will not be wet at night. Wet grass is more susceptible to developing fungus.

Invasion of Insects

Many insects can benefit your lawn. However, some can destroy your lawn. White grubs, army worms, sod web-worms and chinch bugs are some of the insects that can destroy your lawn. There are many sign that you may notice if your lawn has an insect infestation. You may notice a section of brown grass in your lawn.

You may also notice that some parts of your grass are shorter than others. This is a sign that the insects are starting to eat your grass.

Weeds in Your Lawn

Every lawn has weeds. A few weeds likely will not cause any harm to your lawn. However, if you have noticed that there are more weeds in your lawn, then this is a problem. Weeds compete with the other plants for nutrients, space, water and sunlight.

Keep in mind that acidic soil creates the perfect environment for mold growth. That is why if you have a weed problem, then you should have the PH of the soil tested. In many cases, a weed problem can be corrected by treating the soil.

Your Soil is Compacted

Soil can easily become compacted and hard if you walk on the grass frequently. Compacted soil is a problem because nutrients and water cannot reach the plant’s roots. This weakens the roots and creates the perfect environment for weed growth.

Fortunately, compacted soil is a problem that can easily be fixed. In most cases, aeration can fix compacted soil. However, this is a task that is best left to a professional.

Your Lawn is Thinning Out

A bare spot in the yard is an obvious sign of an unhealthy lawn. However, it is easy to overlook a thinning turf. If you can look at your grass and see the soil underneath, then your lawn is thinning. A healthy lawn is lush and thick.

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