Seeding vs sodding in Raleigh NC

Live in the Triangle? How To Choose Between Grass Seeding and Sodding

Choosing Between Grass Seeding and Sodding

Spring is here, and its time to prepare your lawn for the green months ahead. If your lawn looks like it needs a make over, you’re probably considering either seeding or sodding. The process of seeding is simply growing and sprouting the grass from seed. With sodding, however, a professional has already grown and cared for the turf to maturity. For this reason, seeding is far less costly. There are other factors, however, that you might consider when you’re contemplating whether to seed or sod.


If you immediately want a picture-perfect lawn, you just “roll it out” by sodding. Spring is an excellent time of the year for sodding, but you can do it throughout the entire growing season provided you make sure there’s ample water available. Its best to lay the sod the same day its cut. Also, make sure the soil isn’t completely dry when you sod because the soil will rob moisture from the sod roots and this delay its growth.

Seeding takes a lot of attention, early fall is preferable for this process because weeds are more prevalent in spring.

Lawn Quality

Because there are more types of seeds available, you can select the variety the that’s most suitable for your particular area. You also don’t need to be concerned about the problems associated with transplanting if your seed.

Sod is better suited for slopes or areas that might be erosion prone. If you’re concerned about cleanliness, sod is superior because you will initially need to deal with dust and mud when seeding. You’ll also notice sodding results in a denser turf that’s the product of the care taken in mowing at the sod farm.

Soil Preparation

No matter which method you choose, seeding or sodding, a successful lawn largely depends on the soil. Even sod needs well-prepared soil in order for the grass to successfully take root. By testing the soil, you can tell whether it needs potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen or peat.

DIY or Choose a Professional?

The average homeowner can handle the seeding process more easily than sodding. If you choose sodding for your spring landscaping project, you’d be best hiring a professional lawn care company. Whether you choose seeding or sodding, however, your professional landscaping company is here to help with all your lawn care needs.