Things Your Landscaper Wants You To Know

Skilled landscapers are dedicated to beautifying and sculpting natural environments. We can transform your lawn and make it more appealing to the eye. We also have a lot of helpful information that we want to share with people.

Key Things To Know

Cutting Grass Is not the Only Thing That Landscapers Do

When many people think about the services that landscapers perform they only think about manicuring a lawn. We take pride in making sure that your lawn stays lush and green. However, that is not the only thing that we do. We can fertilize your lawn, plant trees and cultivate your flower beds. Additionally, we can recognize the signs of a pest infestation.

You Still Need Lawn Care During the off Season

Many people think that they only need professional lawn care during the spring and summer months. However, in order for your lawn to stay healthy, it needs lawn care all year long. Our landscapers can do things like remove leaves and care for your garden during the fall and winter months.

Professional Landscaping can Increase the Value of Your Home

Professional landscaping is a great investment. Not only does it make your yard look better, but it can also increase the value of your home. In fact, 90 percent of real estate agents encourage people to invest in landscaping before they decide to sell their home. Furthermore, professional landscaping can decrease the amount of time that your home stays on the market.

You Should Provide Your Landscaper

We will do a consultation before any work is done. It is a good idea for you to have your ideas together before you meet with your landscaper. Offer as many details as possible. Keep in mind that you can get ideas from books, websites and magazines.

It is Important to be Open-Minded

You probably have your dream landscaping project in mind. However, your landscaper has ideas that you not even thought about. Flexibility and open-mildness are two of the keys to getting the most out of a landscaping project. A successful project also requires that the landscaper and client to be on the same page.

Landscapers Want you to Ask Questions

Landscapers want to make sure that you understand everything about the project before any work is done. Do not hesitate to ask us questions. How will this process works? How long will it take to complete this project? Will the project be expensive? Those are examples of questions that you may want to ask us before any work is done.

Do-It-Yourself Not Always A Good Idea

Many people do not want to hire a landscaper because they think that it is best to take care of the job themselves. They may also want to save money. While it may seem more convenient to take care of your own lawn, it is always best to hire a professional.  Even though there are websites that show you how to do things yourself, you could still make mistakes. It can be costly to fix mistakes. You will be able to save both some money and frustration by hiring a professional landscaper.

You can Over-Water Your Lawn

Many people spend thousands of dollars on a great landscape and ruin it by watering it too much. Most lawns only need about an inch of water per week. However, the weather and the type of soil that you have are two of the main factors that determine how often you should water your lawn.  Watering infrequently can actually be good for your lawn. It helps the roots grow deeper to find ground water. This will help strengthen the plants. Your landscaper can tell you often you will need to water your lawn.

Weed Fabric is a Waste

Weeds can ruin a lawn. That is why many people use weed fabric. However, weed fabric is a waste of money. It does not stop weeds from growing. If you are having a problem with weeds, then your landscaper can remove them.

We look forward to helping you keep your lawn look great. If you are in need of landscaping services, then you can call us at 919-469-6974. You can also fill out the Contact Us form on our web page.