Helpful Winter Landscaping Suggestions

A magnificent outdoor property isn’t only desirable during the spring and summer months. It can also be quite a pleasure in the wintertime. The winter season doesn’t have to be dreary and dull. If you want to relish a wintertime landscape that’s eye-catching, attractive and healthy, you can accomplish your goal without any hassle. A gorgeous wintertime outdoor space simply requires a bit of concentration and love. Hiring a professional  Wake Forest landscaping company might be the best choice.

Think About Evergreens

Evergreens and the wintertime practically go hand in hand. They can provide your wintertime landscape with a pop of color. You can opt for evergreens in classic green, first and foremost. Green is just the beginning for them, though. Other delightful color options include blue and yellow. If you love the idea of a winter outdoor space that’s invigorating and easy on the senses, you can’t go wrong with pretty evergreens.

Prioritize Plants That Feature Berries

Berries are a visual joy. They come in colors that are hard to ignore, too. You can give your winter landscape some pizzazz by prioritizing all of the right plants. Try to go for plants that include berries in attractive and pleasant colors. These plants will encourage the presence of birds of all varieties. What can be more fun in the wintertime that gazing at birds of all types hanging out on your property? Overwintering birds love to nosh on berries. Think about going for a holly that has berries. 

Take Care of All of Your Tree, Hedge and Shrub Trimming Duties

The wintertime can be optimal for the trimming and pruning of many perennial plants. A couple examples of these are daisies and peonies. It’s also a good idea to prune most hedges and shrubs in the winter. The cold season can even be a fantastic opportunity to prune deciduous and evergreen trees alike. If you want to prune trees in the correct manner, cautiously assess them in advance. Cut deteriorating and dropping branches exclusively.

Give Hardscapes a Little Attention

Many people take stock of their outdoor spaces during the wintertime. They use the chilly season as a nice chance to meticulously evaluate their landscapes and any potential adjustments that may be necessary. Evaluate your landscape in the winter. Are there any spots that desperately need highlights of any kind? If you notice any rather sparse spots, you can think outside the box. The best option doesn’t always have to be another lovely plant. That’s because it may be an attractive hardscape. Consider a retaining wall, a gazebo, a bench, a pergola or a trellis.

Say “Au Revoir” to Debris and Leaves

Concentrate on any debris and leaves you notice on your property. You should begin this during the autumn and keep it up dutifully until the winter comes to a close. Analyze your outdoor space in intervals of several days or so. Debris and leaves that remain on top of your lawn for a while can pose major problems. They can stop sunlight from getting to the grass blades that are situated below. Remember, reduced sun translates to reduced growth, and you don’t want that at all. Reduced growth can lead to grass that takes on a dull and thin appearance. If you want to avoid the possibility of a lawn that’s full of unattractive brownish sections and bald areas, you need to be diligent about doing away with debris and leaves routinely.

Concentrate on Bark

Deciduous trees abandon leaves during the frigid season. That’s what makes your gaze go straight to their trunks and branches. Don’t assume that’s bad news, though. It doesn’t have to be unfortunate at all. Give your outdoor space a quick evaluation. Does it feature ornamental trees that are memorable? Does it include ornamental trees that have bark that’s worth your time? The presence of notable bark can truly give any outdoor space some extra flair. Consider birch and dogwood trees. These trees offer lovely color and texture.

Have Fun With Containers for the Warmer Seasons of the Year

Is your winter landscape home to any containers that are designated for warmer seasons of the year such as the summer? Use the winter as a chance to decorate them as your heart desires. Hanging baskets and window containers can make your outdoor space look particularly enchanting during the wintertime. Evergreen boughs that come in exciting colors and textures can work well in your containers. Look for twigs that are noteworthy in appearance, too. Vivid color is always the key.

Recruit Talented Professional Landscape Designers 

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