Raleigh Spring Lawn Care

Helpful Spring Lawn Care Tips

Make the most out of your lawn in the warmer months and beyond, prioritize your spring lawn care. You should never take a random approach to looking after your lawn in the spring.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself-er for all your lawn care needs or not, the following tips can assist you to keep on track for your spring lawn care.

» Avoid Beginning Prematurely

You should resist the urge to begin your spring lawn care project prematurely. Time is your friend. It can be a major mistake to focus on your outdoor space before it has the ability to turn completely green.

Doing so can make your lawn prone to grass compaction. Also, it can heighten the odds of destroying brand new shoots that have not yet been able to attain maturity.

You shouldn’t touch your lawn until it’s primarily green. Once it gets to that point, you can commence your aerating and mowing duties in earnest.

» Use a Rake for Dethatching Purposes

What exactly is thatch? Thatch describes grass shoots that are no longer alive. It may even describe shoots that are on their way out. Thatch in moderation can actually help your outdoor space. Excessive amounts of it, however, can have a negative effect. Thatch is problematic due to the fact that it can often promote the emergence of harmful diseases and pests.

Rigorous thatch elimination work can be pretty taxing on lawns. That’s the reason people should manage thatch extraction responsibilities right after growth phases start. This can help your lawn get back on track in a strong and smooth manner.

If you’re interested in doing away with a significant amount of thatch, you should try a power rake. If your elimination requirements aren’t as heavy, you can opt for a yard rake that’s rigid and durable.

» Take Care of Cleaning Work

A little cleaning work can get your lawn moving in the right direction for the springtime. Survey your lawn and take note of any debris you see.

If you spot branches or twigs, collect them and throw them away as soon as possible. You can create a compost heap, too. You can put tiny leaves and twigs in this heap.

Raking work should be your next task. Say adios to grass that has gone past its expiration date. You can put this grass in your heap as well. It’s critical, however, to refrain from putting any weeds in it.

» Manage Your Lawn Aeration Needs

Soil that’s compacted can be a serious problem for lawns. That’s because it has the ability to stop lawns from flourishing and doing well.

It’s critical to manage lawn aeration requirements in times of strong growth. This can help you take care of soil loosening that can push enhanced nutrient and water integration. It can give roots the space necessary for optimal growth as well.

You can tackle your aeration requirements as you like. If your lawn is on the compact side, you can consider the assistance of a nice manual push aerator.

However, if it’s markedly bigger, on the other hand, you can go for an aeration device that relies on gas.

Maybe lawn aeration just seems a bit much for you to tackle. If so, call in the professional services team at ProGreen Landscapes.

People who wish to manage warm season grasses can do so at the end of the springtime. This gives grass indispensable recuperation time.

» Perform a Soil Acidity Test

User-friendly soil acidity tests are available in most home improvement stores. These test results may hold the key to your lawn’s problematic issues.

You may enjoy handsfree lawncare techniques best. If that’s the case, contact Progreen Landscape Solutions.   They can do a lot for people who want to get their outdoor spaces 100 percent ready for the warm summertime.

Lengthy and severe winter seasons can trigger soil pH levels that are notably acidic. Acidic levels can be a big issue for grass. The solution, a light covering of Lime. Lime actually neutralizes acid. The citrus fruit helps soil accommodate the emergence of fresh grass with ease as well.

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