Landscaping Suggestions for the Winter Months

Landscaping and the Winter Season

A gorgeous outdoor space can make you feel good about yourself. It can make other people enjoy staring at your landscape as well. It’s crucial to prioritize a strong landscape regardless of the exact season. A lovely landscape can be a good thing in the spring and summer months. It can even be a terrific thing in much colder times of the year. If you want to establish a winter garden that’s unparalleled in splendor, then you should prioritize a number of key things.

Make Bark a Highlight

Trees go bare during the winter months. That’s why their trunks and branches are so prominent in colder times. That doesn’t necessarily have to be an unpleasant situation, though. Why not? It can actually be an advantage for individuals who are equipped with ornamental trees that feature bark that’s fascinating and lovely. If you want to establish a winter garden that’s memorable and fresh, then it can help to make bark a highlight.

Think About Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants tend to work nicely in winter gardens. People adore evergreens for a range of reasons. Green is only the beginning of evergreen color options that are out there. People can go for a dazzling assortment of evergreen colors if they wish. Blue and yellow are just a couple of remarkable examples. If you want to create an outdoor design approach that’s the polar opposite of drab and unsightly, then you should put a lot of attention into beloved evergreens.

Think Seriously About Hardscapes

Hardscapes are garden staples at all points of the year. They can be particularly lovely during the chilly winter season, however. If you want to accentuate the charm of your outdoor space in the wintertime, you may want to abandon most thoughts about plants for a little bit. It may be preferable to concentrate on sculptures, gazebos, walkways, arbors and trellises. These components differ from softscapes in that they don’t call for substantial maintenance work. This can be an advantage in the winter as well. It can be hard to remain outdoors for extended stretches of time in the winter. Low temperatures aren’t exactly forgiving or motivating.

Put Time Into Berries and Fruits

Shrubs and trees frequently give winter landscapes major boosts. How do they accomplish that? They accomplish that with the assistance of berries and fruits. These things are chock-full of vivid colors that can make even the darkest of winter days markedly more brilliant and cheerful. If you’re interested in a winter garden that’s a vision of magnificent color, then you should explore plants like viburnum, holly and even bittersweet. Heavenly bamboo, firethorn and barberry options can all make your winter garden look amazing and unforgettable thanks to the presence of berries of all different varieties.

Look Into Your Hydrangea Choices

If you want your winter landscape to be one for the record books, you should think about the vast universe of hydrangeas. They can genuinely make winter gardens pop even from a distance. Steer clear of cutting action for hydrangeas that are currently inactive. Keep your hydrangeas in their full glories. Don’t even touch their flowers for a minute. Discolored hydrangea flowers are in many cases redolent of snow. If you want to turn your garden into a bona fide winter wonderland, the assistance of hydrangeas can go a long way.

Go for Wintertime Vines

Sweet autumn clematis vines can make gardens look lovely in warmer seasons of the year. They can introduce smooth feels to landscapes. Thankfully, many vines can achieve results that are close in the wintertime. They can look especially arresting in times of intense snow.

Paint Your Storage Shed

Storage sheds in backyards serve practical functions for people daily. They can also jazz up the vibe of your wintertime landscape. If you want your storage shed to be a part of an outdoor space that’s wintry and festive, you should think about perhaps freshening up its existing paint. It may even be a nice idea to paint it a color that’s redolent of the holiday season.

Think About Making Your Driveway a Lot Broader

If you’re feeling ambitious in the wintertime, it may be wise to give your existing driveway some attention. Driveways that are broad are optimal during the winter months. If you want to take care of snow without having to spend an arm and a leg, then the assistance of a standard plow truck is ideal. It’s important, though, to ensure that you have sufficient space for the plow truck to be able to access pertinent areas and do its job correctly. If you want to learn more about A+ winter landscaping, Progreen Landscape Solutions in Wake Forest, North Carolina is ready to accommodate you. Call our full-service lawn care company for more information now.