Progreen Landscape Solutions is a family owned and operated business. Our team is made up of well educated horticulturists who take great pride in their work. Our goal is to create a landscape that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also designed with the environment in mind.

WHAT MAKES Progreen Landscape Solutions UNIQUE?

Progreen Landscape Solutions believes nature beautifies the environment of urban spaces and improves the well-being of the people who live within them. Beautiful communities are not just created; they are grown through a commitment to designing landscapes that are green and sustainable, benefit the local economy, and produce a durable impact on the community.

Green & Sustainable

Progreen Landscape Solutions is a pioneer in developing innovative landscaping techniques based on the concept of “pre-cycling” that utilizes green technology and vegetation indigenous to the mid-Atlantic region in order to reduce energy consumption and our environmental footprint. This includes reintroducing native plants, and limiting the use of water and harmful chemicals to make our landscaping work as environmentally friendly as possible. All of these techniques provide the clients of Progreen Landscape Solutions with green visibility that they can leverage for their company to build a reputation of being green and sustainable.

Local Economy

Progreen Landscape Solutions has been locally owned and operated since 2009. We not only give our projects the detailed attention they need, but we also invest in the transformation and growth of the local economy. In fact, many of the plants and materials used by Progreen Landscape Solutions are produced in the region. We also strive to partner with local vendors and use products made in the USA. This ensures our landscaping projects reap rewards for American businesses and our monetary investment stays within the local economy. Progreen Landscape Solutions also employs local workers in all of our projects, thereby providing jobs and living wages to a growing labor force throughout the region.

Durable Impact

Landscaping is also a matter of altruism for Progreen Landscape Solutions. By transforming urban areas into greener spaces, we hope to have a lasting impact upon communities that goes beyond the public’s immediate enjoyment. This is why Progreen Landscape Solutions contributes to and partners with local nonprofit organizations that share our commitment to a green environment and a thriving local economy.

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