Hardscapes Louisburg, NC

Hardscapes are designed to incorporate man-made and natural materials together with your vegetation. The addition of a patio or a fire pit can extend the living area of your home by creating an additional gathering space. Also, hardscapes such as stone walkways can provide new functionality, drastically improving the way your property looks and making your home or business more attractive to visitors.

Understanding How a Hardscape Affects Your Property

Hardscapes intertwine artificial structures with natural elements to create an mixture that can be breathtaking. Items like masonry, wood, and metal can join together to add value and functionality to property.

Below are some effects that a hardscape can have on your property:

  • Smooth Transitions – One of the most common uses for hardscapes are more beautiful alternatives to concrete walkways. For example some hardscapes mirror the look like riverbeds for a natural, earthy feel. Designing your hardscape with Progreen will allow us to create a space that you are inspired by and will love.


  • Adding New Functions – Hardscapes can include everything from gazebos to walkways and drainage systems. Each of these elements can add a new function to your property, making it more friendly and useful.
  • Bringing Man-Made Together with Nature – Bridging the gap between man-made structures like buildings and beautiful landscaping can be done with hardscapes. They can make these two features come together, making your property look more attractive.
  • Preventing Maintenance Issues – Hardscapes are relatively low maintenance when constructed well. We specialize in solid construction techniques and we are able to maintain the hardscapes we install.
  • Extend Living Area - Adding a fire pit or patio can provide you and your guests with additional gathering space for living and entertaining.

Truthfully, investing in a beautiful hardscape is always a good investment. Experts state that hardscape can significantly increase the value of your property while decreasing the amount of maintenance you need to perform.

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