Landscape Design and Installation

Landscaping is one of the best ways to increase the value of any residential or commercial property. It accentuates the beauty of any existing architecture, protects buildings from the elements, and helps to ensure that a property is as hospitable as it is beautiful.

Our landscape design and installation aims to maximize the benefits of landscaping for your property.

Why Choose to Landscape Your Property?

Landscape design has numerous benefits. It can raise the curb appeal of a property, provide protection from the elements, and even increase the energy-efficiency of a building. A well-designed landscape helps beautify a home or building, in turn, increasing the value of the property.

The planting of trees, shrubs, and other foliage can also increase the energy efficiency of a home. Did you know one tree can yield thousands of dollars in savings by providing additional shade? This additional shade can result in reduced cooling costs.

Landscape Design

Plants can also be used to control runoff and direct storm water. The last major example of landscaping's usefulness exists in how it can protect your property from damage.

Our landscaping services such as drainage and grading can help ensure that water flows away from your home site, protecting your largest investment. While there are many additional benefits of landscaping, these are a few that really pay off!

What Landscape Services Does Progreen Offer?

Progreen works with you and our landscape architect to create a customized design that meets your needs. We will incorporate the major principles of landscape design. After a final plan has been rendered, we will install the landscape using proper planting techniques.

Examples of our services include:

  • Landscape Design – Everything from the type of plants in your landscape to the way water drains can be drafted and installed by us.
  • Drainage – We prevent standing water and divert any water elsewhere to prevent damage to your property.
  • Grading – Adding or subtracting soil from your property can help change how your landscape appears and how water interacts with it.
  • Hardscapes – Our services add “hard” components to your landscape, which in turn allow the organic side of your landscaping to mesh with the artificial components of your property.
  • Landscape Maintenance – Comprehensive landscape maintenance services include edging, mowing, pruning, trimming and more.
  • Mulching – By adding organic matter to your landscape, you can protect your foliage from disease and reduce the presence of insects.
  • Personal Gardening – We can add new life to your landscape by creating or maintaining personal gardens for you.
  • Seeding/Sodding – Our service's ensure that your lawn stays beautiful by keeping your grass green and plentiful with the right planting practices.

For more information on our landscaping services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us by calling 919-761-5930 or via the Contact us page on our website.